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Werner Vogeli helped develop new chefs April 17, 2010

Posted by jwdineline in Savor The Flavor with Jim White.
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Goodbye old friend.  Merci and danke!

Chef Werner Vogeli has died. The beloved culinarian who was responsible for some of Dallas’ greatest restaurant legacies passed away this week from pulmonary complications.  Chef Vogeli, 76, spent the last several years training young chefs at El Centro and the Art Institute–molding them really–to make a worthwhile contribution to the fine art of being a chef and to help them find their passion for fine dining as he had.  Werner was a frequent guest on the “KRLD Restaurant Show with Jim White” over the years.  We loved to hear his stories about restaurants and people.  His precise Swiss accent and gusto for life always made for some delicious conversations.  We are eternally grateful for the cooking demonstrations he performed for us through the years at the State Fair of Texas in the “Jim White Celebrity Kitchen”.  What a touch of class he brought to the demonstrations, and people learned numerous techniques from one of the best in the business.  Do you remember the legendary Ports O’ Call and The Chaparral Club?  Werner was executive chef.  He also ran the kitchens at The Cabana Motor Hotel and Mr. Peppe’s, before joining the famous City Club, where he was executive chef from the early 70’s until his retirement in 1999.  Retirement?  He consulted in the food biz for a while until he found his passion was helping chef wannabes, and helping them find a place in the business he loved so much. He always wanted to teach the students with the least amount of experience.  Knowing Werner, he probably thought it would be far easier than trying to undo the bad habits budding chefs had learned in other situations.  Very efficient.  Very Swiss.  Werner’s son Chris Vogeli follows in dad’s footsteps as an accomplished chef.  He is proprietor of III Forks in Dallas.  Well wishes and prayers to Werner’s devoted wife Tilly.  We were always so happy when he brought her to the cooking demos.  And so was he.  “Smashing!”, as Werner would say.


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