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Wine of the Week: Snowline Pinot Gris 2008 May 31, 2010

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Pinot Gris (pronounced as Pee-no Gree) and Pinot Grigio are the exact same grape varietal. In Italy it is generally referred to as Pinot Grigio; however in France and in the United States it is usually referred to as Pinot Gris. Even though the skin of this grape can have a reddish color once ripe, it is generally used for white wine production. The usual flavor profile of this varietal has notes of apples, lemon and tangerine with a light to medium body and notes of orange blossoms. In Germany this grape varietal is also referred to as Rulander.

photos.com picts 064.jpgSnowline Pinot Gris displays a unique style of this varietal with powerful characteristics of ripe honeydew melon, concentrated pear and white peach with a crisp backbone of lemon zest and aromatic orange blossoms. It seems to deliver the flavor impact of a Pinot Gris from Alsace with the balance and elegance of an Italian Pinot Grigio.  Perfect as an aperitif, but also pairs wonderfully with semi-soft cheese, poached salmon and arugula salad with a citrus based dressing.


Special Offering: Snowline Pinot Gris 2008
Available at Almost All Centennial Store Locations
Sale Price $9.99.  Retail $11.99. Save $2.00


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