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Savor the Flavor with Jim White, “The Wining and Dining Guy” July 15, 2010

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Anything worth doing is worth OVER doing!

At least that’s what we used to think.  Until we saw Kenny Bowers’ humongous El Jefe Grande 7000 calorie burger that he is challenging people to eat within one hour (free if you do–fifty bucks if you don’t).  The scene of the crime is Kenny’s Burger Joint in Frisco.  C’mon, Kenny!  It’s a handsome creation.  You’re a great chef, so we know it tastes good, too.  The ingredients are killer.  Unfortunately, that’s my point.  Oh, it won’t get you right there on the scene, but it will eventually.  We are now a nation where every two out of three people are obese.  Diabetes is an epidemic.  We need to be talking portion control and more fruits and vegetables, not a SEVEN pound burger (a three pound patty of meat) that you wolf down with FRIES (and a Diet Coke, no doubt).  The responsibility for this has to start with each of us individually, but please, I am begging the restaurant industry to help us by taking some responsibility, too.  You know most of us can’t resist.  Please do NOT tempt us with devilish items like this bad boy El Jefe Grande.  It’s a cool PR move.  And, God knows the restaurants need the business.  Please, visit Kenny’s Burger Joint with SIX of your friends.  Order the ENORMOUS burger and SPLIT IT seven ways.  You’ll still be getting nearly a pound of indulgence each.  But please don’t try and consume this monster yourself.  Or, if you can’t get 6 friends together.  Visit Kenny’s, order a regular burger (still huge).  Eat half of it.  Take the other half home for another meal.  And, make a donation to The American Diabetes Association.   Did you ever see the wonderful film Wall-E?  Remember what people on the space station looked like?  That’s our future if we keep eating like this.  If you haven’t seen the film, get the DVD and watch it while you eat the other half of a Kenny’s burger.  Hold the fries.

Read on to see what’s on the El Jefe GrandeCaveat emptor!


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