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Wining and Dining with Jim White January 26, 2011

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“Our next film will be in color…”, but not GREEN!

Chef Joel Harloff

Pardon the paraphrase from a John Lennon quote referring to “Help” the Beatles motion picture follow-up to “Hard Days Night”.   All the color has gone out of the promising resurrection of the storied Green Room in Deep Ellum.  By all reports we can gather the rumors are true:  The Green Room has been dark since before the holidays, and despite protestations that it would soon “reopen”, the restaurant remains padlocked.  Executive Chef Joel Harloff is reportedly working at Le Cordon Bleu-the chef training school in North Dallas.  We were hoping against hope that the rumors were untrue.   It’s a bummer, because we were looking forward to having Joel Harloff and the Green Room at Savor Dallas on March 19th (still plenty of great restaurants there, though, at the International Grand Tasting).  All best to all associated with the Green Room.  I guess it really was a “Hard Days Night” for them.  And even though they may have “been working like a dog”, alas, the “Feed Me” menu slips once again into the annals of time.


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