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Spirit of the Week: Snow Cow Deluxe Irish Cream Liqueur March 7, 2011

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Stock up and celebrate with these exciting games by taking Advantage of The March Madness Sale at Centennial Fine Wine and Spirits and Big Daddy’s Liquor Beer and Wine.

The producers of Snow Cow Deluxe Irish Cream Liqueur can be quoted as saying, “We had to catch a Leprechaun to do it, but we’ve got hold of one of Ireland’s most elusive and sought-after prizes….the Snow Cow, a fantastic creature that produces a rare divine dairy treat of real cream and pure Irish Whiskey.  Best of all, it’s said that good fortune will come to those who have the unique opportunity to appreciate this mystical elixir of the Snow Cow.”  It was also mentioned that the Leprechaun graciously shared a recipe for the traditional libation known as the “SNOW COW CAPPUCCINO”.  This beloved beverage is rumored to have been created on St. Patrick’s Day to chase away the chill of the cool Emerald Isle air.

THE SNOW COW CAPPUCCINO – Hot Cappuccino Recipe:
•Hot Cappuccino         9.0 oz.
•Snow Cow Irish Cream Liqueur     2.0 oz.
•Shaved Chocolate        1.0 oz.

1. Prepare Cappuccino or Coffee as desired
2. Stir in Snow Cow Irish Cream Liqueur just before your first sip
3. Garnish with whipped cream and shaved chocolate

This Special Sale Is Available March 10th Through April 2nd, 2011

Snow Cow Deluxe Irish Cream Liqueur 34º

(750 ml) Save  $7.00    Sale Price: $14.99

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1. lucy - March 15, 2011

wot are the ingredienst to this cream liqueur and where can u buy it ?


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