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Spirit of the Week: Tesseron X.O. Cognac Miniature Collection, 80° March 14, 2011

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As Alfred Tesseron explains: “These ‘lots’ are in fact blends – or perhaps more precisely marriages – taken from our reserve stocks in order to favour more aromas, structure and complexity.  Although it is not possible to use the term ‘vintages’ with regards to Cognac under current regulations, these ‘lots’ reflect an average age of cognac blends taken from the very best years in cognac production.  TESSERON COGNAC LOT N°29 EXCEPTION is the rare jewel of the Tesseron collection of Cognacs.  A unique blend of legendary Grande Champagne, the cream of our oldest and rarest stocks, lovingly aged for at least three generations. Balancing power and finesse, Exception has a floral bouquet, allied to chocolate and mocha notes. This is complemented by that elusive, ethereal nose which is so typical of only the very best old cognac. This subtle elixir has an extraordinarily long aftertaste, and its lovely amber highlights reflect its very slow ageing – the quintessence of elegance.”  The world famous wine critic, Robert Parker further elaborates on this rare item with the following quote “The Tesserson family, who made their fortune in Cognac (but are probably best known by wine lovers as the proprietor of Pontet Canet and Lafon Rochet) released tiny quantities of single vintage Cognacs.  Although French law does not permit a vintage date to be used, this is all from 1929, and is very limited in availability.  I’m not an expert on Cognac, but anything this smooth, silky, potent, and aromatic, is truly great stuff.  It is about as ethereal Cognac as anyone could ever hope to drink.” –100pts Robert Parker – Wine Advocate

This Special Offer Is Limited To The Current Supply On-hand

4 miniature bottles (50 ml each) of Lot N°29, N°53, N°76, and N°90
The perfect introduction to the rare Tesseron Cognac style
Low Introductory Price $49.99

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