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Wining and Dining with Jim White March 17, 2011

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Savor Dallas Helpful Hints and FAQ’s

The 7th Annual Savor Dallas, celebrating wine, food, spirits and the arts is in full swing Friday and Saturday.  It’s a diverse event, with lots of locations.  We hope you can join us.   Through the years we have encountered just about every question imaginable about the event.  So, for your wining and dining pleasure (in case you are joining us), we have prepared a handy guide with answers to our most frequently asked questions about Savor Dallas.   This should make your  experience more enjoyable, and quite selfishly, mean that I will be able to answer fewer emails, texts, and phone calls this weekend.  Read on and see if your question about Savor Dallas makes the top 10. BTW, tickets for most events are available at the door.  Please visit the website.

Savor Dallas Helpful Hints and FAQ’s

The most delicious time of the year approaches quickly.  We are so happy you are attending Savor Dallas with us this Friday and Saturday, March 18th & 19th.  We hope that this information will be helpful to your Savor Dallas experience.

  • Our most frequent question:  Does my ticket include the food and wine at each event? Absolutely yes!  You’re welcome to try anything that is being served at any event you attend.  Remember, though:  Please drink responsibly, or in the case of the International Grand Tasting:  “Take the elevator home”!  There are still rooms available at the special Savor Dallas rate at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel.  Go to Hotel Information on our website.
  • What do we wear? Well, it depends on the event.  Savor Dallas is an upscale event, but not stuffy.  Dress the way you would for dinner at a nice restaurant or to go to a cool friend’s party.  Just to break that down for you, we have come up with this handy guide:
    • Arts District Wine Stroll—casual to business—weather appropriate
    • Ultimate Friday Night pARTy–business to cocktail
    • Seminars and Stephan Pyles Cooking Class–casual to business
    • Reserve Tasting and International Grand Tasting–business to cocktail
  • Where do we park? If you’re attending the Arts District Wine Stroll, Friday’s best best is the Winspear Opera House Lexus Red Self Parking lot.  They have offered a great $5 parking rate for Savor Dallas.  You can leave your car there all evening, too, if you want to stay in the Arts District and have dinner or are going to the Symphony.
    • If you are a member of the Dallas Museum of Art or the Nasher Sculpture Center, parking is free at the DMA lot
    • There is FREE valet parking at the Ultimate Friday Night pARTy at Gables Park 17
    • Saturday for the International Grand Tasting, the Sheraton Dallas has provided a reduced rate self parking rate of $6 for the International Conference Center (where the Grand Tasting is happening).  Valet parking is $18.  Sorry they wouldn’t give us a break on that.
    • Didja know that the DART LIght Rail “Pearl Street” Station is less than a block away from the Sheraton Dallas?  Why not ride DART to the Grand Tasting, and save the gas and parking.  Go Green (still St. Patty’s weekend anyway).
  • What happens if it rains, or snows, or sleets, or birds fall from the sky? (sorry, trying to keep myself amused while I write this)  Well, that’s a good question.  What happens?  IT happens.  Savor Dallas goes on rain or shine.
  • Where do I start the Arts District Wine Stroll? The Winspear, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Nasher Sculpture Center, or the Meyerson Symphony Center?  Yes. Actually, If you have purchased a ticket online, and have your Savor Dallas voucher with the bar code, please feel free to start the Stroll at any location you’d like.  You will exchange your voucher for a wristband that will gain you admittance to any of the other locations.
    • Please note that due to a symphony promotion with Savor Dallas there will be a larger than normal turn-out at the Meyerson Symphony Center at registration.  We have a good plan worked out with the Meyerson to help smooth the check-in process, and there will be many “wayfinders” as Bill Lively calls them, out front helping to direct the flow of folks.  So, if in doubt, please ask.  Overall, our recommendation:  unless you need to buy a ticket or you have to claim your symphony ticket (along with your Savor Dallas Stroll ticket), PLEASE start the Stroll at one of the other locations besides the Meyerson FIRST.  We think that any congestion at the Meyerson should be clear by about 5:30.  The box office will open for registration by 430.
  • What time should I arrive on Saturday? On Saturday night, many people show up early to check-in.  We are very appreciative that they don’t want to miss a minute of the tasting.  It does cause a bit of congestion.  We think that there is a good plan in place to check-in everyone quickly and to get folks in the door for a great evening of tasting once the doors open at 7 p.m.  The registration area will be open at 6 p.m.  The rush is usually over by 7:15 or 7:20.  If you don’t want to stand in line, we advise you to arrive about 7:10.  You’ll move through registration–where you will get your wristband, Savor Dallas tasting glass, tasting guide and official program, and be inside for tasting pretty quickly.  The choice is yours.
  • Are tickets available at the door? YES.  Except for the Friday Night pARTy,  Wine Tasting Seminars and Stephan Pyles luncheon.  There is generally room for more people to attend the two big events, the Arts District Wine Stroll (purchase at the Meyerson Symphony Center) and the International Grand Tasting (at main registration).
  • Can I bring my children? Did you LOVE it when your parents dragged you to adult activities when you were a kid?  We have generally said that it’s OK for the Arts District Wine Stroll, if the child is in a stroller.  This is not a place for toddlers, or active kids who would rather be on the playground.   Children and teens don’t belong at an adult beverage event.
  • Where is Savor Dallas located? There are maps and details for each event on the website.
  • Who’s serving at each event? Please see our website.  There are details on every event in which you are interested.

I hope this recap is helpful.  We look forward to seeing you at Savor Dallas:  Celebrating Wine, Food, Spirits and the Arts!

Cheers!  and à votre sante!
Jim White
Vicki Briley-White


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