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Tasty, Funky Greek Café Debuts in Lakewood

Surprising what an afternoon walk through the ‘hood can reveal.  My wife and I were meandering on one of those recent glorious afternoons and spotted a new store front in the Lakewood Shopping Center.  Bananas in a box outside the door, the scent of coffee wafting from inside, and a couple of darling little girls in their tutus (there’s a dance studio next door), and their mom, beckoned us inside with a smile and a hearty greeting.  What is this place we thought?  Wasn’t the “Fan Man” here forever?  And now, it’s a coffee shop?  A smoothie bar?  A place for lunch?  Dinner?  A health food bar?  A hippie hangout?  There are still hippies in Lakewood, or at least those who possess the hippie spirit.  Is this a place to dine-in or for takeout?  The answer is yes.  Welcome to “N Cafe“.  It’s all of the above and more.  Olina and Gino Nikolini-former husband and wife-are the proprietors of this eclectic foodie haven.  It’s the evolution of their Nikolini Cafe and Organicity Mediterranean diet.  They have found a way to accentuate what works best about their relationship:  serve food and make people happy.  And, blended it into a fun, very personable, and tasty Greek restaurant (along with all of the other stuff, too).   She is the front of the house.  He is the “food surgeon”.  Her Greek heritage drives the menu selection.  His culinary vision, and commitment to a healthy diet and lifestyle, interprets the vision.  It’s a robust team that’s hard to resist.  Maybe the marriage didn’t work, but their marriage of organic and heart healthy ingredients certainly does.   This photo montage will give you a feel for the little place, just open a month, just down from the Dixie House and Penne Pomodoro (and next door to a cool, new resale shop).  We headed home for a bottle of wine (it’s BYOB for now, yea!), and returned for one of the most enjoyable (and inexpensive) meals we’ve had in a while. Read on for more on the menu.

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Yummy gyros.  Scrumptious spanikopita.  Delicious dolmas.  Succulent saganaki. Pasta specials daily.  Fresh salads.  Wrap sandwiches, pita pizzas and more.  It’s a menu designed to please and fill.  In addition to lunch and dinner (and all things in between) N Cuisine also serves brunch on Saturday and Sunday.   It’s billed as “the best brunch in town”.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention the vegan desserts and the delivery service if you’d prefer to eat at home.  But, I’d come in and enjoy this Mediterranean mélange of sheer delight.  Call for more information:  214-779-8196 or visit the website.  Better yet, visit 1906 Abrams Parkway in Dallas.  Opa!


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Healthy, Tasty Chicken Pot Pie

Think that healthy eating means “no taste”? It’s a shame that most people feel this way. Often, simple things like using a few different ingredients, changing a cooking technique, or watching portion size can make all the difference. Evidence this healthy recipe for Chicken Pot Pie and some substitution tips that we share with you from “What’s Cookin”. Enjoy.

Recipe by Rona Lewis,

LA Fitness and Lifestyle Coach

When I tell people that I create healthy recipes, their minds immediately think of dishes like raw tofu sautéed with peat moss and sprinkled with twigs.

As good as that sounds (KIDDING!), healthy cooking is simply about thinking smarter. I like to eat good food as much as the next person, so it made sense for me to create recipes that saved on fat, calories, carbs and sugar so I COULD eat well, but not feel “cheated” in terms of taste and variety.

Changing recipes to make them healthier isn’t hard at all. Basic changes can go a long way to lighten a dish, even if you’re not a pro. Instead of deep-frying anything, just use a tablespoon or two of oil in a pan. On a high heat, sauté it! (Translation-there IS no deep-frying in healthy cooking.) You’ll save a ton of calories. Once you’re used to it, the dishes taste great. You’ll actually experience the taste of the ingredients.

Read on for more great tips from Rona.



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Mother’s Day Dining

What follows is a quick listing of some of the best offerings in Dallas-Fort Worth for Mother’s Day specials.  We can’t vouch for table availability at this late date, but contact information for each listing is provided.  If you haven’t made plans yet, please keep trying so that you celebrate in a special way with your “special Mom”.  See the complete list below.


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