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Eco and Growler Friendly “Lakewood On Tap” Now Open

I spend more time at Whole Foods in Lakewood than I do at the gym.  Of course, the ratio should be reversed, but ever since the store opened just a couple blocks from my house, I’ve been shopping the European way.  I usually go in and buy just what I need for dinner that evening and carry my fresh, delicious bounty home in the handy (and eco-friendly) cloth bag (supplied by Whole Foods, of course).  Since the store is so close, I further reduce my carbon footprint by walking to the store.  How could you not want to join the efforts of the country’s first LEED certified grocery store to help save the planet?  Kudos to Whole Foods in Lakewood by the way for that distinction.  Now they have added another enticing element to the already user-friendly gourmet environs called “Lakewood On Tap”, a new beer and wine bar located in the heart of the store.  You can sit and sip, or get a glass to sip and shop.  Here’s the other cool thing:  Lakewood On Tap bar is the first retailer in North Texas to offer “growlers.” These 32-or 64-ounce sealed, refillable jugs can be purchased, to take home fresh beer straight from the tap. The growler can be returned to the store, sanitized and used for the next beer purchase. This concept is very popular with beer aficionados.  The store is located at 2118 Abrams Rd at Gaston in East Dallas.

Whole Foods is opening a second wine and beer bar at the Highland Park Store called “Bar Alto”.  They’ll have all sorts of free fun going on for the grand opening on Saturday June 25h from noon til 4 p.m.  Enjoy tastings of wine and beer, food pairings, and live music.  It’s located at 4100 Lomo Alto.

Read on for all more ways that “Growlers” and the “On Tap” concepts from Whole Foods are good for the environment.  I love it when enjoying wine, food, and beer can be responsible behavior:  Think Globally—Drink Locally!  Is this a great country or what?

Whole Foods Lakewood On Tap and Bar Alto Designed to Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle–Cool!

• The use of growlers saves on packaging: no bottles, caps, cardboard six-pack or other packaging in trash, landfills or on the side of the road.

• Many of the beers will be local, and will cut down on carbon footprint with delivery.

• The bar top itself is made from recycled glass bottles; some perhaps even old beer bottles.

• Skylights over the bar are louvered, so if sufficient sunlight streams through, the overhead lights turn down or off automatically, saving electricity.

• The dishwasher in the bar runs on a 30-second cycle, using a minimum amount of water.

• The Lakewood store was the first grocery store in the country to achieve LEED Certification.


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