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New Video Series

Since I lead such an eclectic life, entrepreneur, foodie, media guy, mild mannered reporter, and loyal God fearing American.  It’s time to report on my wining and dining exploits by putting some pictures and sound with them.  I believe that’s called video in the technical vernacular.  Or, is it television?  Hmmm.  Could this be the beginning of Savor-TV?  Well, more to come on that, but for now, we’ll try and get a steady stream of new video clips out each month as we go about our business of meeting people all over the Metroplex for some of the above named enterprise.  And, in that spirit, I will make a concerted effort to cover the new and the old; the funky and the chic; the cool and the tragically hip; in short, pretty much what we did for almost 10 years on “The KRLD Restaurant Show with Jim White”–only this time with, “lights, camera, action!”  Gosh, Mr. DeMille, he gushed, I’m ready for my closeup! As I get rolling with this, I’ll even come up with a plan.  For now, as the enlightened say, the journey of a thousand miles begins with this first step.  This little impromptu ditty came about during a meeting with a Savor Dallas sponsor.  All of a sudden the spirit moved me (or my iPhone buzzed in my pocket, whatever) and I was videoing.  How long has it been since you’ve been to Angry Dog in Deep Ellum?  This mainstay offers good grub for a bar, and a nice escape from a hot afternoon.  Or, for a tall, cool one after you’re off duty.  Let me know what your experience has been with Angry Dog.  I want to get your feedback.  Ciao for now.


1. Kerry Slaughter - July 25, 2011

What’s not to love about the Angry Dog? Well, actually there is one thing – it’s pretty cramped in there. But it’s totally worth it. My husband works around the corner and I try to meet him there for lunch a couple times a month. Great burgers, yummy fries, ranch dressing done right. Even the grilled tuna sandwich is awesome! Family friendly, but also good for an adult night out. Consistent food, friendly service. No pretense. Not a johnny-come-lately. Just Dallas greatness.


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