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Savor Dallas FAQ’s March 4, 2013

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Hello!  “Savor Dallas Guy”Jim White here, with  answers to the most frequently asked questions about the March 14-17 wine and food spectacular.  Just click on the video, and if I haven’t answered your question, please post in the comments section below.  Thanks, and cheers!


1. Lisa - March 6, 2013

I’ve heard this event is way too overcrowded and not enough people to serve everyone in a timely manner. Will it be better this year since it will be at the convention center? Or was it at the convention center last year too?


jwdineline - March 6, 2013

Hi Lisa,
The event is not overcrowded. The facility can handle twice as many people (5000) in the space we have then we bring in (around 2500). There are more than enough servers–since people visit individual tasting tables. Very good flow and very little waiting. Yes, the International Grand Tasting is at the Irving Convention at Las Colinas again. A great facility. We have what I call “Penthouse Suite”. Come see us, because everybody says it’s the most delicious food and wine festival in Texas. Thanks. Jim


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