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#9 Hugh Chappelle – Quivira Vineyards “Wining and Dining with Jim White Podcast April 4, 2016

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Dry Creek winemaker combines science and art

Old Vine Zins at Quivira

Old Vine Zins at Quivira

This week on the program meet Hugh Chappelle, winemaker for Quivira Vineyards in Sonoma’s Dry Creek Valley.  Hugh’s a scientist who turned winemaker and he is definitely having more fun.  He makes a helluva Zinfandel, Grenache, Sauvignon Blanc, and more, which we’ll taste and discuss on the program.  To the native Americans Quivira meant “land of gold and riches”.  They knew what they were talking about.  Stay with us and you’ll see what we mean, and also Hugh gives us the best description of why all wines should be produced  biodynamically or organically.  It’ll change your thinking on

Biodynamics in action at Quivira

Biodynamics in action at Quivira

which wines to buy.  Headed to Healdsburg?  Quivira has a great tasting room and visitors’ program.  See biodynamics in action.  Hugh also recommends some great restaurants in the area where you can pair the food with delicious wines from Quivira Vineyards.  Cheers!

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All the grapes consumed in this program were harvested and produced humanely.

Remember:  If anybody asks you what you’re making for dinner.  Tell ’em reservations!

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