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#14 Paula Lambert-Mozzarella Company May 9, 2016

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Cheese to please

mozz_kit_tpOnce upon a time, on a sweltering summer day, Paula Lambert planted a

sweetgum tree outside her soon to open little cheese factory in Deep Ellum, Texas.  She

Paula Lambert, Mozzarella Company

Paula Lambert, Mozzarella Company

loved cheese and she loved her lifestyle living in Italy.  But, when she came home, there was nothing around like either of them. So, she decided to show people how good real mozzarella can be. That’s when she opened the Mozzarella Company.  And, show them she did! Along the way, a lifetime devoted to food, wine, travel and conviviality, produced a legacy of success, acclaim and satisfaction for Paula.  Almost 33 years later, the sweetgum tree–the symbol for her company–flourishes, as does the Mozzarella Company.  Which, by the way, produces way more than mozzarella.  Her story is about friends along the way.  It’s a history of Deep Ellum and the Dallas restaurant scene, and a fascinating travelogue.  Come along with us and enjoy the ride with Paula on today’s episode.   “Wining and Dining with Jim White” is the podcast devoted to introducing you to great chefs and winemakers….oh, and cheesemakers!  You can subscribe to the program on iTunes and catch up on all 14 programs (and counting).  Bon appetito!

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