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Stephan Pyles “Wining and Dining with Jim White” 7-19-18 July 19, 2018

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Star chef still loves the game

Chef Stephan PylesStephan Pyles guest stars on “Wining and Dining with Jim White” this week on VOKALnow.com.  Wizened music critics used to say, “Elvis could have retired in 1957 and still been considered the ‘King'”.  But that’s just not how the great ones do it.  Take Chef Stephan Pyles, for instance.  He could have sailed off into the sunset after the success of Routh Street Cafe (or Star Canyon), and still been considered one of the greatest chefs ever.  But he has too much passion and energy to rest on his laurels.  He continues to find new horizons; ways to evolve and reinvent himself.  And, lucky for us.  That’s the reason we have Flora Street Cafe in the Dallas Arts District.  The latest “10 year plan” from Stephan, and the most sublime dining experience in Dallas.  He’s enjoying some projects as a corporate culinary consultant these days, and of course, leaves plenty of time for favorite things, travel and culinary R&D.  Join us as Stephan regales us with stories about his new adventures, and shares a few nostalgic tales from the heady, high flying, high falutin 80’s.  Gourmand Troy Dungan (beloved retired WFAA weather caster) continues as our “Guest Gourmet” and offers some really interesting neighborhood restaurant suggestions.  Tip:  if Troy and his wife Janet like it, chances are really good you will too!  Welcome to the show that introduces you to the men and women who create the flavors you love.  Catch all of our digital TV episodes on VOKAL, YouTube, and Vimeo.  Or, listen to the podcast version on VOKAL and iTunes.  And, remember.  If anybody asks you what you’re making for dinner.  Tell ’em, reservations!


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