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Spotlight Restaurant: Central 214-Chef Blythe Beck February 28, 2011

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Blythe Beck, Central 214

“The Naughty Chef” Offers Great Wining and Dining in Dallas

Chef Blythe Beck has had a lot of fun being “naughty”.  She even had a TV show called “The Naughty Chef”.  Before your imagination goes too wild, Blythe is talking more about loving to cook with some of the things that the “food police” say are bad for us:  like butter, and bacon, cream, sugar, and other wonderfully rich and enticing ingredients that make food taste good.  (aren’t these like three of the four “basic food groups”?).  Blythe is passionate about her job.  She loves to “love on” her food and her guests.

Central 214’s extensive menu celebrates the diverse flavors and substantial tradition of American regional cooking.  Chef Blythe’s menu evolves with the seasons to feature the freshest seafood, poultry and local produce. Central 214 sources its ingredients from regional purveyors across the country to heighten the authenticity of the menu. Diners experience the soul of American cooking with rustic flavors, approachable dishes and the intimacy of sharing familiar American food together with family and friends.

Central 214 Restaurant–5680 North Central Expressway–Dallas, 75206–214.443.9339

Check out “The Naughty Chef”, as she joins Jim White to discuss her appearance at the Seventh Annual Savor Dallas (March 18th & 19th) and to find out more about her cooking style and her wonderful outgoing personality.

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