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Joanne Bondy-Stocks and Bondy “Wining and Dining with Jim White” 11-01-18 November 1, 2018

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Stock tip you can count on

Joanne and JimChef Joanne Bondy believes that not all stocks are created equal.  Her wonderful shop Stocks and Bondy in the Dallas Farmers Market offers you (and untold numbers of chefs) the opportunity to buy the freshest, most nutritious, and best tasting stocks and broth you’ve likely ever tasted.  She joins us on this week’s “Wining and Dining with Jim White” on VOKALnow.com.  Her commitment to quality is inspiring.  Her grateful appreciation of life and kindness makes her one of the most beloved people I know.  And, she is one of the most talented chefs you’ll ever meet.  Find out more about all the delicious possibilities you’ll find when you stop by her cozy corner of the world.  This is one stock you’ll be glad you bought.  Guest Gourmet Christy Rost has some delightful holiday entertaining and recipes to share on the program, too. Watch or listen to all of our episodes on VOKAL, YouTube, Vimeo, or iTunes.  It’s the program devoted to introducing you to the women and men who create the flavors you love.  And, remember.  If anybody asks you what you’re making for dinner…tell ’em reservations!

DINE! with Jim White visits The Market at Dallas Farmers Market June 2, 2016

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Welcome to foodie Paradise!

DINE! with Jim White – The Market at Dallas Farmers Market

Dallas-Farmers-Market_202439Our weekly dining update for DFW Restaurant Week “365” focuses on The Market at Dallas Farmers Market, along with next door neighbor Mudhen Meats and Greens.  Check out the video and fresh updates every week on the new site.  Be sure to head for The Market and enjoy the new Dallas Farmers Market in downtown Dallas if you haven’t been.  It great for grab and go, grazing or a sit down meal.  Bon appetit!

#4 Joanne Bondy-Stocks & Bondy “Wining and Dining with Jim White” Podcast February 29, 2016

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Keeping the world safe from BOXED broths or stocks


Jim White, Joanne Bondy and Vicki Briley-White at the new Stocks & Bondy

Jim White, Joanne Bondy and Vicki Briley-White at the new Stocks & Bondy

Chef Joanne Bondy is our guest on this episode of “Wining and Dining with Jim White”.  The latest venture for this accomplished culinarian is “Stocks & Bondy” in the re-imagined Shed 2, or The Market, at Dallas Farmers Market.  You’ll love Joanne’s energy, and you’ll enjoy visiting her cool new place for a cup of organic broth, a tasty glass of wine, to take home organic stocks or pulled meats, and maybe even to book a special dinner party.  Joanne and her staff will pamper you in every situation.  Let us know if you’ve been to Stocks & Bondy.  We’d love to hear your comments.  “Wining and Dining with Jim White” is the podcast devoted to introducing you to the world’s best chefs and winemakers.  Subscribe to the series at iTunes.  And, if anybody asks you what you’re making for dinner, tell them reservations!  Until next time, bon appétit and cheers!

No plants were harmed in the production of this podcast.

The Market at Dallas Farmers Market is becoming foodie nirvana February 11, 2016

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Things are bustling at the Dallas Farmers Market.

Dallas-Farmers-Market_202439The first thing one notices when pulling into the parking lot is a spacious new restaurant Mudhen Meat and Greens, featuring an extensive menu with delicious options “for folks who try to follow a healthier lifestyle” according to owner Shannon Wynne.  According to their menu, Mudhen features foods “generally lower in carbohydrates (sugars), plus a larger selection of clean meats and greens, organic GMO-free whenever possible.”  In case you’re wondering, mud hens are actually migratory birds who live by the water but walk on land and are often mistaken for ducks.  Thankfully, neither of those species is on the lunch or dinner menu from Executive Chef Suki Otsuki.  You’ll find a range of delicious dishes from which to choose.

Across the parking lot from Mudhen, and inside The Market, formerly called Shed 2, You’ll find Stocks and Bondy from Chef Joanne Bondy.  She features tasty artisan broths and stocks, along with pulled meats, seasonal meals, family dinners, and an array of hand-selected wines.  All items are available grab and go, or pull up a communal table.

Joanne has an active calendar of special events on the way, including a special wine tasting curated by in-house sommelier Hayley Hamilton Cogill to celebrate France on February 20th.  The tasting features three selection from Stocks and Bondy’s wine list, paired with seasonal culinary tastes from Joanne, and her Farmers Market neighbor Scardello Artisan Cheese.  Limited tickets are available through Event Brite.  The cost is $40 advance, and $50 day of the event or at the door.

Scardello is so close, literally just a few steps away from Stocks and Bondy, that you can stop by after the wine and food tasting and pick up more great cheese selections to take home.  Cheesemonger Rich Rogers tells us he is specializing mostly in Texas cheeses in this new location.

And, Rex’s Seafood Market now has its third location in The Market.

If you haven’t been to Farmers Market lately, it’s a whole new world, and there’s more culinary excitement on the way!

And coming up at the Market, chef cooking classes featuring Hugh Stewart from Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill on February 13th, and Abraham Salum from Salum and Komali on February 20th.   Get details at aiwf.org—click on Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter.

Speaking of Richard Chamberlain…

Check out grilling tips with a pro, as Richard offers a “perfect grilling techniques” class at Premier Grilling in Frisco on February chamberlians120th from 10 until 2.  Richard Chamberlain is considered one of America’s leading chefs, and is the owner of Chamberlain’s Steak and Chophouse in Dallas.  Menu: 10 minute brined Rainbow Trout with Port Wine, Onion and Bacon Jam and Arugula Salad a40 Day aged Ribeye with Porcini Mushroom, Thyme and Marsala Butter.  Cost $135 per person.

And, Richard guest stars on our podcast,  “Wining and Dining with Jim White”, on March 28th.  You can check it out here, or subscribe to the program at iTunes.

Ciao for now!


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