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#8 Shannon Wynne and Suki Otsuki-Mudhen Meat and Greens “Wining and Dining with Jim White” March 28, 2016

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Vegan, Paleo or “Don’t give a damn”?  You’ll find it here.

Jim White joins Shannon Wynne (L) and Chef Suki Otsuki at Mudhen Meat and Greens.

Jim White joins Shannon Wynne (L) and Chef Suki Otsuki at Mudhen Meat and Greens.

Restaurateur Shannon Wynne has opened a new place serving food that’s good for you, and it also tastes good.  But don’t worry if healthy indredients aren’t a big deal to you.  On today’s episode of “Wining and Dining with Jim White”, we’ll introduce you to the serial entrepreneur and his accomplished young chef Suki Otsuki at Mudhen Meat and Greens in the Dallas Farmers Market.  Shannon, his partners Keith Schlabs and Larry Richardson, and Chef Suki are helping the venerable Farmers Market become a foodie destination.  We’ll get all the background behind the menu, and find out just what a “mudhen” is.  And, If you’ve been a fan of Shannon’s through the years (like we have), you’ll get a kick out of hearing how he came to name his most famous concept “8-0” (instead of “The 80’s”).  Relive those thrilling daze of yesteryear and find out where both our guests like to dine out  on “Episode 8” of the podcast devoted to introducing you to the greatest chefs, winemakers, and restaurateurs in the world.  Never miss a program when you subscribe to “Wining and Dining with Jim White” at iTunes.  We should point out that no water fowl were harmed in the making of this program (or at Mudhen Meat and Greens).

If anybody asks you what you’re making for dinner.  Tell ’em reservations!




“The Dinner Club with Jim White” August 2, 2010

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A Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame Night at The Moth

“The Dinner Club with Jim White” special event for July kicked-off with the “KRLD Happy Hour” on July 27th.  It was a fun night with some very cool people.  Elvis was definitely in the building.  See the highlights here.

“The Dinner Club with Jim White” Great Night at “The Moth” July 28, 2010

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Thanks to everyone who joined us last night at the cool, new Meddlesome Moth in the Dallas Design District for a great evening of wining and dining.  The evening was even more fun because KRLD got the evening started with a “Fan Appreciation” Happy Hour at The Moth.  Thanks to morning hosts Mike Rogers and Mitch Carr, along with VP of Programming Kurt Johnson for setting it up.  Thanks to our friends at Centennial Fine Wine and Spirits and Darrell Gibson for making the evening possible, and to the great team at The Meddlesome Moth, Shannon Wynne, Keith Schlabs, and Chef Chad Kelley for providing great hospitality.  Jeff and all the servers were absolutely marvelous.  If you haven’t been to The Moth, get in there soon!  Please save the dave for our next Dinner Club event on August 12th.  Details coming very soon.

Here are some photo highlights from last night’s food, wine, beer, rum and fun event.  Cheers.

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Savor the Flavor with Jim White, “The Wining and Dining Guy” June 3, 2010

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Flights of fancy have us drawn us to The Moth

I’ve been enjoying Shannon Wynne’s new restaurant, The Meddlesome Moth, a lot lately.  I have had two lunch meetings in the new Design District digs, and plan to have dinner there asap.  I need to do that–and so do you if you haven’t been–because all of the ingredients are there for this to be a very successful restaurant.  It is, like Shannon’s other restaurants, a great place to hang.   The location is fabulous: right on the corner of Hi Line and Oak Lawn at the entrance to the ever more appealing Dallas Design District.  They have hired a great young chef:  Chad Kelley (formerly Exec Chef at Oceanaire Seafood Room).  The decor is so much fun.  Hip, upscale, and relaxed all at once.  You remember “The Supreme Court of Rock ‘n Roll”?  (AKA The Dallas Hard Rock Cafe).   Shannon secured the very cool stained glass windows that graced the main room in the defunct (destroyed actually) old restaurant and now “The King” (Elvis), “The Killer” (Jerry Lee Lewis) and “The Prime Minister of Rock ‘n Roll” (Chuck Berry) greet you in the dining room of “The Moth”.  I only had my iPhone with me so the

Chef Chad Kelley

photo here doesn’t do justice to the intricate detail of these objets d’arts.  Following in the “Flying Saucer” tradition, The Moth is a beer lover’s paradise.  They don’t have quite as many beers on tap, but it’s more than sufficient.  And, Shannon’s partner Keith Schlabs continues his outstanding work here as “Beer Guru”.  The vibe at lunch is high energy.  Lots of LOL (Lower Oak Lawn) types and business people on hand for the simple but satisfying fare.  I love their tip of the hat (or helmet in this case) to the revered old P.C. Cobb Stadium, which once stood where the InfoMart is, just a DVD toss across Stemmons.  The Moth’s take on the traditional Cobb Salad (PC) includes prosciutto, roast chicken, crumbled blue cheese, egg, tomato and avocado.  Very tasty.  We’ve also heard raves on the Poached Tuna on Avocado from our lunch partner today.  Sandwiches include a delightful Open Face Pulled Chicken (more of a salad really) with addictive agave nectar, radish, cornichons and deviled egg.  The Burgundy Pasture Burger with 1000 island, heirloom tomatoes and horseradish pickles, is made from grass fed beef.  Steak Frittes and Quarter Fried Chicken are popular main course items.  Like I said, we’ll have to get back in at night for a more extensive menu sampling.  As to the significance of the name?  Shannon swears there isn’t any.  In fact, he makes the point on their website, “I have no idea why I am calling it The Moth. I like it. I like the way it sounds. That is as deep as I am. There is no visual or spiritual element or significance.”  So be it.  The Moth it is.  It’s a great addition to scene.  1621 Oaklawn at Hi Line, Dallas, 75207.  214.628.7900.

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